7. The Indian Institute of Welding

Introduction The Indian Institute of Welding (IIW-India) was incorporated on the 22nd April 1966 at Calcutta to foster the development of welding science, technology, and engineering in India and since then has been serving the cause of the welding industry through its 13 branches / chapters throughout India. The Institute is a non-profit making organization registered under Section 25 of the Company’s Act 1956 and is also registered under section 12A of the Income Tax Act 1961, as an Institution for charitable purpose. Through its various activities and programmes, IIW-India is now recognised as the premier Institute related to welding in the country with over 4500 Individual and Corporate Members. Further, as a member society of the International Institute of Welding, it is helping to project the importance and achievements of the Indian Welding Industry to the global community.

Contact Information:
Name: Mr Ranajoy Banerjee
Email: ranajoy.banerjee@iiwindia.com
Website Address : http://www.iiwindia.com